Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area


August 13,2022


Members of the HCARA went to Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area (park) and setup some QRP stations at their only 2 picnic table shelter.  The area is over 34,000 acres, but had a small park area.  The area is mostly used for hunting.

Arrived at 8:30AM, no one was there including the park ranger (hunting season is closed so no ranger, hunters hunt bears and boars and turkeys), but the area for our event is small, 300 x 200 ft, one shelter with 2 picnic tables. It did have a 60ft pine tree with branches at the top.  Wondered if we could tie a rope over it, but Doug, K8QY, did it! Took about 5 tries.  He pulled up his 65 ft End Fed.  I put up my 20ft flag pole and 20m end fed wire.


Ron, N9EE                   IC705 and 20m End Fed Wire with 20ft flag pole

Frank, KY4FG

Jim, K8JK

Mark, KD4ZYA             X6100, IC7100 and 20m Buddy Pole Vertical

Doug, N8QY                G90 HF rig, just got last Wednesday, 65ft End Fed in 60ft tree.

Rich, KI2X




Ron, N9EE with IC705 and 20m End Fed Wire at 20ft.

TIME    CALL                RST/MY RST    FREQ               COMMENTS

0931    W4LRB            599/339           14.051             Ben, MA, SKCC 11021S

1007    N4SS                599/?               21.021             Bryan, KY

1011    SN2B                599/599           21.028             Poland

1012    SP8N                                        21.029             Poland

1019    SN7Q                                       21.030             Poland

1025    AA3B                                       21.029             Joe, PA

1030    OK4M                                      21.048             Czech Republic

1034    N3FZ                                        21.0525           Bryan, MD

1149    KJ4XF               579/589           14.054             Tony, TX, SKCC 23043S

1158    WZ2J               549/559           14.0585           Vin, NJ, SKCC 13909

1207    N9EEE              449/?               14.062             Dick, WI

1213    KI6KU               559/?               14.065             Dan, CA

1223    N8EU               569/?               14.067             John, NC

1229    WA3WXR         579/339           14.039             Kim, PA, SKCC 19169S

1241    K3EW               589/439           14.051             Phil, MD SKCC 10605S

1246    AC9XS              579/339           14.052             Steve, IN SKCC 23390S

Doug, K8QY with G90 with 65 ft End Fed Wire at 60ft.

TIME    CALL                RST/MY RST    FREQ               COMMENTS

0922    KA3IRJ             57/57               14.213             PA

0948    K4YWE             57/57               14.250             AL

1030    N4XPZ              59/59               14.347             GA

1107    W3VPR            57/57               14.284             MD

1108    AB1F                57/57               14.284             MD

1235    W0KYZ             57/57               18.163             AR



  15 m was hopping, so was 20m. Doug got a good work out with his new G90 rig.  Mark worked with his IC7100 and getting his LDG tuner to work with the rig.  
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